Clare’s Story

Part of the reason we started our blog was to give voice to others who have lost loved ones. The following was submitted by Mary Riley in memory of her daughter, Clare.

On June 30th 2013, our daughter Clare Ann Riley Patershuk was killed by a drunk driver.

Clare was 26 years old and earlier in the month had been granted a Masters degree in Educational Psychology from the U.of A.

Clare and Calvin

There are so many things we want you to know about her. She was loving, intelligent, beautiful, wise, caring and funny. She painted and drew. She loved animals, particularly horses, and spent a lot of her leisure time on the back of a horse. She was the daughter we longed for, the daughter we loved so much.

On Canada Day at 7.30 in the morning the police knocked on the door and the news they gave us dragged us into a dark and painful place from which there is no escape.

We share this story so others will have an insight into the dire consequences of drinking and driving. As you read this, think for just a moment how heart-wrenching it was to lose a daughter in the prime of her life. Envision our darling Clare and treasure those you love.

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